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It does not matter where you are in the world, nor your skills or knowledge.Trader Clube was made for you who lives in search of new opportunities

What is?

It is a group formed by people with broad vision, focused on digital entrepreneurship. We are an investor club that seeks together to provide financial independence, greater quality of life and freedom of schedules for all ours.

What does it offer?

The answer lies in the use of “margin” to operate, a mechanism that allows one to negotiate a larger volume of money by applying only one part. As the transaction is settled only by the difference between valuations of different currencies, it is not necessary for the investor to have available the full amount of resources involved in the transaction.

What do we get?

FOREX allows only a “margin” to be effectively deposited to cover the daily variations of currency pairs.

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Future. That period of time when our business thrives, our friends are true, and our happiness is guaranteed.

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